PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle is a best choice for game console, especially for Batman fans. Get the big features and the big picture for an affordable price with PS4 Batman Bundle. Features such as PlayStation Plus, SHAREfactory App, Remote Play Shared Game Experiences , and PlayStation App helps to get a new experience for playing PS4 , a deeply connected gaming community and an incredible journey through immersive new gaming worlds.

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PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Honest Review

We have read on Online Shopping Merchant the other day, some of PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Customer’s sharing their experiences in using this PS4 Batman Edition Console. Great sharing and quite funny

Review by: Nancy Barbara —   It’s absolutely stunning and, in my opinion, well worth the extra $50 over the standard black. This PS4 Batman Bundle looks even better in person.  Not to mention it will hold its value much better, just in case you ever want to sell it down the road. The silver is slightly darker in person than in the pictures. AndPS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle the whole thing is matte, with the faceplate being a smooth matte unlike the glossy black original, and the rest of the console being a very textured matte.

The 500GB hard drive is too small. I will upgraded mine to 2TB before ever even turning on the system. I honestly think even 1TB will be too small for most people to last the life of the console, and upgrading immediately saves the hassle of transferring files. The whole process of upgrading the hard drive is around 30 minutes.

Review by: Nathan Luis   
—   I love this PS4 Batman Bundle Limited Edition, it looks so amazing and Arkham Knight in my opinion is the best game in the series next to Arkham City. My only problem with this game was it should have included a season pass and/or exclusive skins or another story such as the Red Hood Story Pack. Other than that this is a perfect console. Do not miss out on it.


Review by: Jayden Michael  — Currently I am a college student, money always prevented me from purchasing a PS4 console. Finally with this PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle, the pros of the next gen system outweighed the cons. An amazing steel decal and the final game in the Arkham trilogy, this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. The PS4 itself is an amazing system, and Arkham Knight is the perfecPS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Consolet way to truly test what the PS4 is capable of. Looking forward to use this controller out.


Review by: Jeremiah Evan   — I am one of Batman fans and this is by far one if the BEST Batman Collectibles I have ever purchased. This system is flawless and I would recommend this to anyone. It is a true work of art and well worth the wait. 100% Worth the money !!!!!! I Love This PS4 Batman Bundle. Thank you very much Sony.

Review by: Lincoln Anthony  — I bought mine cause I wanted to go get it personally, but it’s the same thing, and this console is my first PS4 as well, and I love it !! The game is awesome ! The console looks badass !! Thank you Sony !

PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Best Deal

So if you already decide this PS4 Batman Bundle is the one that you want, the next question may be is “Where I can get the PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle best deal?”

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